Cash Donations

Contributions are tax deductible.


Donate Stock to Lower Your Tax Burden


With U.S. equity valuations near historically high levls, now may be an opportune time to take advantage of the tax benefits of donating long-term appreciated stock to a qualified charity. Directly donating a winning stock you've held for at least one year provides greater tax benefits than writing a check to your favorite cause.


Higher deduction. Your charitable gift deduction will be equal to the market value of the stock on the date of your donation, rather than what you originally paid for it.


No capital gains tax. You avoid paying capital gains tax on the unrealized gains of the stock, because it is transferred directly to the charity rather than sold. That also means the charity gets a bigger gift.


Greg Givesalot bought 50 I.M.Great shares two years ago at $100.00 a share, and its shares have appreciated since then to $150.00 a share, giving him a long-term capital gain of $2,500 if he were to sell today. Instead, Greg avoids the capital gains tax by donating the shares to the Transformational Healing, and he deducts the full market value of $7,500 as an itemized deduction on his tax return.





Continue a Lifetime of Support for a Charity You Believe In

Consider a Gift to Support the Transformational Healing Mission


Many people choose to leave a charity in their will because they like to support causes that have been important in their life. There are plenty of advantages to making a gift to the Transformational Healing or other charity in your will, trust or another gift plan. Tax savings are one benefit, but more than that, you can help support the future of causes that are close to your heart. If you would like more information on making a lasting gift to support the Transformational Healing mission, we're here to help with FREE information.


Different gifts may benefit you in different ways. Find the perfect plan that meets your financial needs and fulfills your charitable interests:


  • Gifts Through Your Will Remembering the Transformational Healing in your will can help you reduce estate taxes and ensure the lifesaving work you care about will always continue.

  • Gifts Outside Your Will Help our mission even faster by making a gift that avoids probate. Just name the Transformational Healing as beneficiary on appreciated securities, retirement plans, insurance policies or real estate.

  • Gifts That Pay You Back for Life Receive payments back for your lifetime, save on your current income taxes, and possibly reduce or eliminate estate tax and probate expenses when you make a gift to the Transformational Healing.


To learn more about how you can support Transformational Healing, call us at (314) 596-9158 or E-mail [email protected].