A Case Study in Cultural Intergenerational Trauma

The Catalyst for Our Healing

— Be Transformed! —

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The Understanding The African American experience Workshop is a unique event
that participants rate as one of the most significant
experiences they've had in life.

Participants have acquired a totally new
perspective on the African American experience
and are equipped to heal our community.

Invest a day in yourself, your family and your community.

You will feel different &
you will behave differently because…



     A new perspective of the African American experience



A vital message from the ANCESTORS.

Examine how unconscious, NEGATIVE MENTAL LEGACIES of CULTURAL INTERGENERATIONAL TRAUMA have shaped the identity and perceived self-value of African Americans.

Discover how cultural trauma manifestations contribute to the MAGNITUDE of the self-destructive behaviors of African Americans.

GAIN a much deeper understanding of African American culture.

Unlock your EMPOWERMENT and that of those you love.




Consider cultural methods of HEALING for individuals, families and communities.

Discover how to better SERVE and MOTIVATE yourself and others.

Examine a VIABLE BLUEPRINT for the healing of the African American community.

Identify Cultural Intergenerational Trauma as the UNRECOGNIZED ROOT CAUSE of the challenges faced by African Americans today.










In this one-of-a-kind workshop, participants will gather to examine cultural intergenerational trauma (negative mental legacies of slavery) and its contemporary impact on the African American community and how it is integral to the challenges they face.  


Host a Workshop

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 dynamic learning experience
To create a dynamic learning experience, the retreat will feature a short film, audiovisual presentations, storytelling, small group discussions, handouts and references, culturally specific artifacts, and round-robin conversations.



Our associate, Cutting Edge Continuing Education is approved as a provider of continuing education for mental health professionals by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), provider #5178.

As such, Mental Health Professionals will receive a certificate for six continuing education clock hours upon completion of this course. Cutting Edge Continuing Education, LLC, the developer of the workshop, maintains responsibility for the program.


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 Historical Trauma



 Intergenerational Trauma



Trauma of Racism



     An Additional Training:

The Healing of the  African American Community A Viable Blueprint for Transformation

Having completed Understanding the African  American Experience Workshop most alumni choose to participate in a second 3 hour training, held on the same day, immediately following the workshop from 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm.

Only those who has finished Understanding the African American Experience Workshop are afforded the opportunity to take this second training.

It is suggested that you not miss this opportunity to explore a viable strategy for individual healing and for the healing of the African American community.